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The 6 Best Weight Loss Tips

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There are many benefits to having a healthy body weight, but the path to there can be a real struggle. Many people are puzzled as to why they gain weight, and evidence shows it’s hard to get started and even harder to maintain that success. There are so many different factors involved that what works for one person might not work for another. [1] But, with the right strategy, healthy weight loss can be successfully accomplished.

6 Weight Loss Tips You Need

Many weight loss products and procedures on the market don’t work and can’t even be called a quick fix. Here are some natural approaches to weight loss that are far more likely to provided sustaining results.

1. Get Motivated

A recent study looked at how motivation could be one of the biggest things when sticking with weight loss programs. Somewhere between the start of a program and the four-week mark, most people see a spike in motivation, and those feelings can continue for up to 16 weeks if there is at least a 5% weight loss. [2] So, whatever it takes, get motivated and stay that way!

2. Keep a Food Diary

One way to keep that motivation going is to keep a food diary; one study even suggests that it can double your weight loss results. [3] Make sure that you are recording food daily because, as the study’s lead doctor comments, “it seems that the simple act of writing down what you eat encourages people to consume fewer calories.” And, for that matter…

3. Follow a Vegan Diet

Research suggests it’s possible to lose more weight when following an entirely plant-based diet. [4] Not just that, a vegan diet can also lower levels of body fat and improve levels of macronutrient intake compared to a meat and dairy diet.

4. Drink More Water

Staying well hydrated with water might go a long way in helping control appetite. Scientists suggest, “that just two 8-ounce glasses of the stuff, taken before meals, enables people to shed pounds.” [6] A few glasses of water… How easy is that?

5. Exercise

Just changing your diet isn’t enough, you need to exercise and the best exercise is definitely aerobic activity. One report suggests that diet and exercise together can even lead to an 11% weight loss. [7] Exercising without dietary modifications was actually the least successful, according to the study.

6. Get Enough Sleep

But sleep can also play a pretty big role in losing weight in addition to diet and exercise. One recent study suggests poor sleep habits increases our need to eat more and also increases hunger hormones. [8]

Weight Loss is a Natural Process

Avoid fads and gimmicks — they don’t work. Most of the commercial weight loss programs are just the same old ineffective junk in a new package. [9] One thing that definitely will help is getting a partner. There’s a recent study that found losing weight within a team can lead to positive peer pressure and increased motivation. [10]

What do you do for weight loss? Tell us in the comments.

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